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You Know What’s Cool? $300 Billion – Apple Says

First, we look at the facebook. Facebook’s latest round of financing from Goldman Sachs at a $50 billion valuation. At $50 billion, Facebook is now worth more than Yahoo (which has a $22 billion market cap) and eBay ($37 billion), and almost worth more than both of them combined. With this number, Facebook and Goldman agree that $50 Billion is cool!

So, we look at another spot. Apple. Steve says, $50 Billion is not cool! Seems it says to facebook and Goldman $50 billion is actually only 1/6th of the value of another closely-watched company in their tech space – Apple. Apple hit the $300 billion market cap milestone today after their stock surged 2 percent to open 2011. Look at the graph below.

Of course, Facebook’s revenues for 2010 are expected (at the high end) to be around $2 billion. For some perspective, Apple’s revenues were $20 billion just last quarter. They’ll be even higher for the quarter closing in a few days. Apple could be approaching $100 billion in revenue each year, up from $50 billion (again, Facebook’s overall value) a year ago.

For some better perspective, as of last quarter, Apple had $51 billion in cash (and cash equivalents) in the bank.

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