Infrequently Asked Questions
Who are you?
I am a twenty-something, single, male, college student who lives in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia. I blog about my life experiences and my opinions. People might think my writing is pretty random, but it is perfectly applicable to what’s going on in my life. My blog is miscellaneous because life is too.

That’s nice, but who are you really?
Honestly, I prefer to remain anonymous online. It keeps me more honest with myself and with you as a reader. I may air my dirty laundry, but because you don’t know who I am, I still feel as though I have some privacy. Probably my biggest mistake when creating this blog was telling my family about it. Luckily, they don’t read it very often, and I’m sure within a year’s time they will completely forget about it.

I know how to find out who you really are.
Wow! You must be so proud of yourself. Guess what? I do too. Sure, there are ways of finding out who I really am, but there are also ways for me to find out who you really are. Keep in mind, you are dealing with someone who is slightly obsessive compulsive with decent knowledge of the Internet and too much time on their hands. Let’s just be friends.

Your site is so incredibly awesome (can you tell I’m writing these), can I use your material on my blog?
If you want to use material on my site, whether it be text, code, or image, please ask permission in the form of a comment in the most recent post on the main page. If I give you permission, I will ask you to give me credit where credit is due. If I decline, then please respect my wishes and come up with something on your own. Be creative. The whole point of having a blog is that it is something that is personal. If they all looked or read alike, there would be no point to them at all.

Also, I had a lot of help making changes to this site. Most of this help came from my favorite message board, therefore some of the code that I use is not mine to give out.

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